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Best Appraisal, Advice and Assistance in Southwest Montana

An appraisal is a professional appraiser’s opinion of value. The preparation of an appraisal involves research into appropriate market areas; the assembly and analysis of information pertinent to a property; and the knowledge, experience and professional judgment of the appraiser.
The role of the appraiser is to provide objective, impartial and unbiased opinions about the value of real property – providing assistance to those who own, manage, sell, invest in and/or lend money on the security of real estate.

Some of our services include appraisal reports for:

  • Mortgage Financing
  • Relocation
  • PMI Removal
  • Estate Planning
  • Divorce
  • Dispute Settlement
  • Tax Assessments

About Us

Louis has over 13 years of experience and is certified in the state of Montana.  He and his father relocated their appraisal business to Butte in 2005. Louis’ father was an appraiser for 40+ years and handed down his knowledge and skills to Louis. Since his father’s passing in 2009, Louis has successfully sustained their appraisal business. He holds 4 MLS memberships and is a member of the Appraisal Institute and the NFIB.

We at Berger Appraisal Service provide our customers with timely appraisal services, along with an assurance of quality. Contact us today for mortgage financing, estate planning and much more.

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Po Box 4837
Butte, MT 59702
Phone: 406-782-2066
Or 406-813-8937

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4 MLS Boards - Missoula, Helena, Bozeman, and Silverbow
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